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Use Cases


Web Designer

Restaurant B needs more wait staff, kitchen hands and chefs.

They download Workable, browse the listings and find Restaurant L.

Restaurant L has had to close one of their restaurants and now has surplus staff they don’t want to have to make redundant.

They list their staff for loan, and soon they are happily occupied with paying work over at Restaurant B while they consolidate.


Interior Design

Builder B has had a boom in business from signing a major new development project.

They need skilled staff ASAP, but don’t want to pay big fees to a recruitment agency so they download Workable.

They find the listing for staff from L Building Co, who have had their construction put on hold and want to make sure they don’t have to lay off their valuable staff.



Qualified teacher L has just returned from a two-year stint in the UK. She arrives back in New Zealand without a permanent position so she signs up to Workable and nominates set days in the week she wants to work as a substitute teacher.

Local school B has had a number of staff choose to move on at the end of the school term and need temporary teaching staff to bridge the gap until they can complete the hiring process.

They take a look at the listings on Workable, find Teacher L’s profile and make her an offer of work for the days L is looking for.


Web Designer

Hospital L has had to stop elective surgeries for a period of time.

With too many nursing staff and not enough shifts to go around, they decide to jump on Workable.

Create profiles for staff keen to try a new work environment temporarily. Soon, Hospital B makes an offer to fill the staff shortage at their hospital.

Information Technology

Interior Design

Business B is anticipating an increase in user demand over the coming months. They need to scale up their service rapidly but have struggled to find the right candidate to bring into the team.

They download Workable and quickly find a number of IT professionals available for immediate hire.

IT specialist L only wants to work a couple days a week, and has created a listing with their availability and career history. It’s a perfect fit for Business B, they make and offer which L accepts.



Business B has had a dramatic decrease in customers following the economic downturn.

In order to stay in business, they urgently need skilled marketing support.

They jump on Workable, where they find marketing contractor L, who’s available two days a week for the next three months.

Business B makes an offer and L accepts her new contract.

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