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Where Exceptional companies Meet exceptional people.

Workable is a digital platform where exceptional companies connect with the huge pool of talented kiwis who need a bit of flexibility in their schedule.

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Cost Effective

As a lean digital platform we keep our overheads, and our prices down, meaning our workers and companies both win.

User Friendly

In a busy world, simplicity is everything, so that’s how we built Workable: Finding staff is as simple as a few clicks, so you can focus on growing your company.

Baked in flexibility

Long term, short term, part time, or casual, our goal is to be the only place to find flexible working solutions.

Shining a spotlight on hidden talent.

We’re connecting great New Zealand companies with great New Zealanders, because flexible work shouldn’t just be for 21 year old graphic designers sitting on beaches in Thailand.

A complete solution for finding and managing flexible workers.

Workable lets you browse a database of exceptional candidates that you won’t find anywhere else. Select the ones you like, and we’ll take care of the rest:

  • Screening

  • Liability Insurance

  • Payroll Admin

  • Contact Management

  • Scheduling

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Opportunities suited to your unique needs.

Workable is your go-to place for work that works for you. We take care of the hard parts leaving you to focus on what’s important, whether that’s your kids or your clubs, your parents, or your surfboard.

  • Short and long-term work

  • built in liability insurance

  • Accounting & Tax covered

  • Contracts which protect you

  • simplicity...

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pre-qualified workers ready to go.







Mobile First.

We believe that there’s an opportunity for every Kiwi on Workable. That’s why we went mobile first- to ensure that the 81% of us who have a smartphone can find their next opportunity as quickly and easily as possible

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