How it works

intuitive and easy to navigate app

Whether you are LENDING staff or BORROWING staff
Quickly search, view and make offers

For Borrowers

1. Download the Workable app

2. Sign up

4. Browse listings

5. Make an offer!

6. Get the work done

8. Use Workable for your next Job!

For Lenders

1. Download the Workable app

2. Sign up

3. Create a profile

• Add skills.
• Upload photos.
• Add licenses and qualifications.
• List any equipment you can
bring to the job.
• Project portfolio.
• References and testimonials.

4. Set Availability of Workers

• Pick available dates.
• Choose locations you can offer work in
• Specify what kind of work
• Choose your rate (hourly or fixed price).

5. Accept offers!

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Read a Case Study

Peter the Painter

The Workable app works across all sectors and industries, but here we’ve used an example from the painting industry:

Let’s say Peter has a painting business and employs five full time permanent staff. With the unfolding economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peter only has enough work for three of his staff, but doesn’t want to have to make the other two redundant.

Peter downloads Workable and creates profiles for his two surplus staff members, listing their location, skills, availability and hourly rate. He waits to see if another business will take his guys on…

John also owns a painting business, and he’s picked up a lot of work following the lockdown. John’s work is only for a short-term, however and he doesn’t want to hire two permanent staff with all the costs that involves.

John open Workable and searches for available qualified painters for the time period he's in need.
He quickly finds Peter's excess staff
Views their qualifications
Makes an offer to Peter

Peter Wins because his costs are covered for his staff during slow times
John wins because he has the workers he needs

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